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Crown Eight Capital Inc., is a novel Mortgage Brokerage corporation domiciled in the Greater Toronto Area, in the Province of Ontario.  This corporation operates on the motto as “Simple the Best”, in helping individual home buyers: Residents, New to Canada and real estate professionals in acquiring their dreams in home financing.  We have access to a full range of first and second mortgages and equity lines of credit sources.  We are dedicated to finding tailored loan arrangements to meet our clients’ exclusive needs.
This Mortgage Brokerage is capitalized by a Principal Broker, Pauline Brown, and a team of industry’s experienced independent mortgage agents, brokers and associates, with backgrounds in financial planning, chartered accounting, insurance, real estate and business.  Pauline Brown is a licensed Mortgage Broker for over 12 years, and the sponsoring broker for this firm.  The Brokerage sponsors licensed mortgage brokers and agents (independent contractors) in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), of Ontario. 
    • Home buying Step by Step
    • Buying Your First Home in Canada
    • Purchase Plus Improvements Program:  enables borrowers who are building new homes or who want to undertake small or large scale improvements when purchasing existing homes where the improvements will increase the value of the property (must be qualify for CMHC mortgages).
Crown Eight Capital Inc., Mortgage Brokerage office is in Brampton in the Commercial Plaza at 289 Rutherford Road South, Unit 19B.  We have a reputation in the Mortgage industry for working with our credit challenged clients to procure mortgages for purchases and consolidation of debts.  We offer first, second and third mortgages, home equity lines of credit, and third party private mortgages.  We have saved many of our clients from foreclosures and power of sales and help our them rebuilt their credit ratings.  With our penchant to provide services to the higher income, commercial and industrial section of Metropolitan Peel Region.

We have created Youtube blog to help you understand better about mortgage brokerage.  Being a part of a mortgage brokerage, we also understand that mortgages can seem daunting to many people – so we showcase different mortgage products and information such as the CMHC:

Now that you know about us, we would love to hear from you!!!  Please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-xxx-xxxxx or email us at info@crown8capital.com, if you have any topics you would like to discuss or clarify.  Any inquires or questions about your credit score, affordability, mortgage processes, refinance, power of sale or real estate purchases will be replied to!!
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